Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CSI Miami - Endless Caruso One Liners

CSI Miami is one of the worst shows on tv. If you've never seen it, watch this video and see how David Caruso chews up the scenery like a fat kid on a ginger bread house. Oh and the sunglasses....if a real person did this people would avoid him like herpes. It would be funny if it wasn't so fucking lame.


Anonymous said...

I could only watch half of it...I couldn't stand it. I can't believe somebody gets paid to write that stuff for him to say.

J Reidy said...

yeah, i couldn't watch all of it either. i've already done my time with that show.

my wife used to watch it and i did too by default. after awhile i was just like, "this is horrible and i can't stand david caruso."

slowly but surely it was taken off our tivo line up and now all i have to suffer through are the commercials where caruso (a crime scene investigator) is seen using a sniper's rifle, piloting boats and doing a bunch of other crap befitting someone who is supposed to just investigate the crime. i can't believe it's still on tv.

that's america for you! (i think that's my new catch phrase)

Anonymous said...

You do know it is the most watched show in the world. (No shitting) CSI Miami is the BayWatch of the new millennium.

Dude, have you seen the new Hummer commercial where the guy at the observatory sees a meteor that is going to destroy the earth in 72 hours so he goes online and buys a hummer. At the end of the commercial it shows the guy driving off in a little electric car to get his hummer and it shows the words, "We're not saying....we're just saying"

I interpret that as f' conservation and living reasonably, go buy a hummer you pathetic asshole.

J Reidy said...

i believe it's popular. like i said, it was watched for a whole season in my house before we realized just how fucking terrible it was.

i think that's the case with most people they just keep watching it adn don't know why. but at some point in the near future they will look over to the person on the couch with them and say "what the fuck?"

if you got through most of the clip, you would have seen the speed dating one where he says "...pause...speed kills" and puts on his sunglasses. that one was on tv last night. awesome. THAT'S AMERICA FOR YOU! (my new catchphrase)


Anonymous said...

your new catch phrase needs some CSI-ing up:

"That's..."(put on shitty shades and start to walk away) "..America for you."
Have roger daltrey(sp?) sing you out

the clip was terrible..i never watch this stuff.

Anonymous said...

caruso is just a shitty actor who can't act his way out of a paper bag.