Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kid Rock...I hate to break this to you but....

Something had been bothering me lately.

You know how Kid Rock is getting divorced from Pam Anderson after they just got married recently? Well, I guess after he saw her bit in the Borat movie, he got all pissed off and was like "you're a whore!" She didn't like that I guess and decided to get divorced after three weeks of marriage.

What I'm wondering is, after he starting calling her a whore and the divorce papers arrived, did someone take him aside and say, "dude, I hate to break this to you, but EVERYONE has seen your wife naked. EVERYONE."

In fact, that same person might finish what he was saying by going, "in fact, EVERYONE has seen your wife boning greasy Tommy Lee. EVERYONE."

Is this like marrying Carmelo Anthony and screaming "BASKET BALL PLAYER!" Or banging Nicole Ritchie for a week and one day wake up yelling "ADOLESCENT GIRL SKELETON!"

Seems a bit obvious, but then again I don't roll with midgets.



Anonymous said...

Kid Rock spends Christmas in Iraq!


Thought you might like this.

J Reidy said...

that's not surprising, because i think he's done it before. i actually like the guy. where he's come from and all that...it's just that this was kind of out of character for him...at least of what i know of him.

he's seems pretty cool and i'm sure there's more to the story, but still, it doesn't reflect well on him.

but i must say going to that awful hell hole when you could be at home with your family on christmas, just to give a morale boost to those guys fighting bush's war is pretty cool.