Thursday, February 15, 2007

This Whole Tim Hardaway Thing is Totally Gay

And this is why Isaiah Washington is being put through the ringer.

Tim Hardaway, long time NBA All-star, told the world yesterday that he “hates gay people.” He went on to say that he didn’t want a gay guy on his team, and if he did have one on there, he’d distance himself from that person.

This is all fallout from a former NBA player announcing he was gay a week or two prior. Hardaway was asked how he would deal with a gay teammate.

I guess honesty is good, but in Hardaway’s case, the completely ignorant and predictable way he expressed his honesty, doesn’t make his case. This is a news flash to all of the people who are like Tim Hardaway: You don’t have to like homosexuality. If the thought of two dudes humping turns your stomach, I wouldn’t dream of trying to change your mind. But to say you hate gay people (and not the sex act that makes you ill), is just so absurd it could be one of those hilarious comedies starring Martin Lawrence….which really aren’t funny at all.

I think Isaiah Washington is getting hung out to dry, but now you see why. There is a growing perception that African American culture is the least tolerant of homosexuality. More so than white Christians? I’m afraid so. And when you’re beating white Christians at bigotry, you really should evaluate some things.

If you took Tim Hardaway’s comments and put “black” in where he said “gay,” you’d be magically transported back to the 50’s and 60’s when sports were dominated by white people. Black people were not allowed and when they finally were, they were met with severe racism, from their teammates and fans alike. Most people will scoff at this and claim race and sexual orientation are two very different things. Sure. But when we’re talking about being set apart and vilified because of something you are, isn’t it the same thing. I’m sure Jackie Robinson had teammates who “distanced themselves” from him when he started playing. Is Hardaway too stupid or too filled with hatred to see how ironic this is?

So one bad thing begets another. If you thought the way Isaiah Washington was treated was racism like I did, now you see why those people put the screws to him. It’s just one more thing in a chain of events that won’t stop until someone grows the fuck up and gets over it. But that probably won’t happen based on what some of the callers were saying on sports talk radio; most were agreeing with Hardaway and supporting him. That’s fine if you agree with him, but don’t get behind someone spouting dangerous bullshit. Again: if you don’t like hot man love, no problem. But giving a thumbs up to a bigot is dangerous and will never ever lead to anything good.

Tim Hardaway, who hasn’t played in years, lives in a world where saying stuff like this doesn’t hurt him. Sure, the NBA immediately dropped him from having anything to do with their organization, but he’s already paid. Isaiah Washington works in a world where saying that type of thing will hurt him. I pity the next black actor, or someone in a similar profession who says something dumb about his/her gay contemporaries, because now, A.T. (After Tim), that person is going to pay dearly.

We’re just starting to see this heat up and it’s going to be one salvo after another.

I’m with the gays on this one. What Hardaway said wasn’t “keepin’ it real” it was ignorant and hateful. And while his hypocrisy is monumental on this, I guess he doesn’t owe anyone the courtesy of remembering how American blacks have been treated in this country. A racist can come out and say he hates black people, but no one in their right mind will come forward and say that person’s statement should be applauded. Hardaway has shown that he is a bigot, and instead of being commended for his “bold” statement, he should pitied and hope that he and people like him, will quietly go away.



redtown said...

Hardaway's especially visceral reation to gays suggests that he doth protesteth too much....

Luk said...

All I can say is "What a hypocrite"

J Reidy said...

yes, agreement (or agreeance) all around.

he's either been felt up by a gay guy when he young or he's just a fucking immature douche bag.

i'm going with immature douche bag.

there's something about this kind of guy that just makes me think he's not very intellectually developed. like he's still a 15 year old who's scared of "some fag touching" him. he's an emotionally retarded man child.

he didn't even have the decency to throw a "the bible says" type of line either. i mean, come on, that's the best cop out there is.

Davey said...

So what if Tim Hardaway is a "retarded man child?" You got something against retarded people?
Oh where will the hating stop?

Anyway...I think another interesting aspect of all of this is how shocked so many people seem to be that this guy feels this way. Are you kidding me? When kids grow up these days, one of the ways to distinguish yourself as a solid yound man rather than something less than a young man is to participate in and hopefully excell at sports. It's ingrained in the culture...if you suck at sports you're probably gay.....or else retarded.

PS....The Hooligan was the shit back in the day! Hell yeah.

J Reidy said...

thanks for the hooligan compliment, i appreciate that.

yes, you're right, i should choose my words a little more carefully. it seems that i too am full of hate for emotionally retarded man-children.

and no, i'm not surprised he's like this...jocks, no matter their race are bred to be intolerant of the "weak" in our society. it's a bit fascist if you ask me.

i'm just surprised someone like Hardaway, who's worked on TV and done a lot of media wouldn't have chosen his words more carefully. isaiah washington is fucked now.

Anonymous said...

I love emotionally retarded man children. But I don't love them in a gay way. Not that there is anything wrong with loving man children in a gay way. Unless it really is a child. Sigh, you can't win these days.

I'm not surprised that people are shocked by this either. Americans spend a lot of their lives in denial of a lot of things about our culture.