Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Out on the Streets Like a Colfax...well, you know

The issue is done and delivered to your favorite hot spots. If it isn't, let me know and I'll get some there.

If you don't live in Denver, the website will be updated soon with most of the content from the issue. If you do live in Denver, let us know how we did....and yes, I know there are spelling errors so don't bother with that nonsense.



Fred K Tapeball III said...

Anywhere in The Springs?

J Reidy said...

no man, sorry. i probably won't make it down there with them.

if you send me a buck, i'll mail you one. otherwise, i'll have most of it online here in a few days.


Rodrigo said...

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Gerheart said...

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J Reidy said...

um, why all the spam in different languages?

ich bin ein poopholengrossen?

what the fuck?