Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Comic

got a new comic up at

if you have no idea what i'm talking about, me and my ol' buddy Aaron Mikulich have been collaborating on a comic. We have two up right now. Let us know what you think....or not.



Anonymous said...

weak. sorry.

J Reidy said...

jeez Aaron, don't be so critical of your own work...


Anonymous said...

not aaron. but maybe since i'm not from denver this does't interest me in the least. the art was ok i guess..for a "zine".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous -

Boy I bet you're a barrel of laughs to hang out with. Debbie Downer. The comic has nothing to do with Denver.

Man what a fag -

J Reidy said...

yeah, thanks for stating that.

i was going to tell him/her that it has nothing to do with Denver. it takes place in Denver, but you'd never know it. it's not like it takes place in the D+F Tower or anything (wink wink you Denverites!)

this is about a work experience only. do you work? have you ever wished you could sleep instead of work?

there you go.

no need to live here.

Phil said...

Here's my story for the next comic...
Fri June 20, 2008

Phil pulls up to Mescal (on scooter) Many motorcycles and scooters line both sides of the 'Fax. Dave and Eric where at the bar. Drinks where had with Pam&Angel!

Tons of old punkers are hanging around at both bars across the street from the Bluebird. Everywhere I hear "Wow, I haven't seen you in like 15 years" and "Holy shit! you're still alive!"

I go across to the Bluebird whose board reads "The Fluid-Boss 302" Everybody is having a 'reunion' with old friends. "I used to party with Mike from '86-'89" Says Al. I'm the youngest one around!

I rock out to the Omens and have a drink with Michelle and Andrea of Lions Lair fame. "What's John Reidy up to these days?" "Well, he actually just did a comic that portrays you at the Lair!"

Outside, Andrea and I are having a smoke and decide to phone Reidy. "Hey John Reidy, hey john reidy, HEY JOHN REIDY!" says Andrea to the message.

Back inside Boss 302 rocked and then the Fluid played to an over sold super packed house of late 30's early 40's original scenesters, "I'm sooooo back in high school" says Ric.

'All of Denver's punk elite came out on fri for the reunion of the Fluid and JR was not in attendance...It happend in Denver !'


lis said...

reidy - you're too good to be rehashin' the past like that w those comics. aaron's drawing is as strong as i remember-- but dude-i'm so bummed you're still ripping on bands [& bands you used to love @ that] & what's this sports shit? where's the social commentary and rapier wit of years ago? kick yourself in the ass already & get real. what do you know now? write about it. fuck man - you can rule the underworld w that brain of yours- just stay true. peace to you, your family & those lombardo bros. -lm

Anonymous said...

PUNK is dead. It died when the Clashed released "Cut the Crap"