Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speaking of Bush...

Speaking of Bush, I was just watching his live news conference where he answered questions ranging from oil prices to Iraq. Maybe they’re related?

While watching him, I was struck by how bizarre he acts. I haven’t seen him in awhile. In reality, no one has seen him in awhile. He’s been laying low as his popularity does the same thing. It won’t help the Republicans in November if that doof is seen (and heard) showcasing his marvelous talent for ruining a major world power.

But he is a weirdo. He would make a very eccentric CEO of a company at best. I think when he was Governor of Texas, people liked him because he was quirky, seemingly friendly and down to earth. Now, on the greatest stage a public figure can reach, he just seems twitchy, uncomfortable and confused. You know the SNL Jeopardy sketch where Norm MacDonald plays Burt Reynolds? Shades of that but with more ape-like innocence.

It’s like a great college football player reaching the pros only to be exposed on the grand stage. Being President, I would imagine, takes a lot of concentration and measured action. Bush has neither of these and no amount of genius “helpers” can hide it. He manages to get by, but he flails while doing it; almost like at any moment he’s going to scream and slap at his face (Three Stooges Style) and run off stage, getting tangled in the curtain and lying there like a scared animal caught in a trap.

And that’s who we put into to the most important job in the world. I say WE because he’s all of OUR problem now. I may not have voted for him (twice) but now I have to deal with him. As an American I can’t wear a shirt proclaiming I didn’t vote for him (well, I guess I could) but since I’ve been funding his war through my tax dollars, he’s my mistake too.

Republicans won’t ever take responsibility for their mistakes. That is such a dangerous way to live and we’re seeing the results of that arrogance right now. Democrats are pussies and won’t defend themselves when unfairly blamed for stuff they were probably too spineless to stop. This man is the biggest joke America has put forth since the Star Wars Prequels: one side won’t admit the mistake while the other is too weak to totally distance themselves from it.

I loved the idea that back when King George was (not) elected the first time “he seems like a great guy to have a beer with.” That’s rich. First of all, when he was drinking, I’ll be he was a mean drunk. And second, when would any of the dolts who voted for him ever get a chance to sit down and have a brew with him? Third, would he really be that much fun to have a beer with? I’m thinking he’d be about as much fun as a murderous, money obsessed, born again Christian could be. That sounds GREAT.

He’s still yapping away up there. Waxing poetic about congress and how his administration saw this gas crunch coming a long time ago….hey wait! That would explain his invasion of Iraq right? His delivery is stilted and choppy. He seems to get lost in the middle of what he’s saying. It’s like if you pulled me out of 4th of July BBQ after five beers and asked me to address the United Nations. It wouldn’t be smooth. That did happen, and it wasn’t smooth.

But that’s OUR President. Dumb, drunk on power (probably just drunk) and not playing golf anymore because it wouldn’t be right for the families of fallen soldiers to see him enjoying himself while young people give their lives for a lie. There’s a bumper sticker that says: He’s not MY President! He may not be YOUR President, but he’s OUR problem. And while you can’t punish him, you can punish anyone who had his back over the last 8 years. You seem like a smart person. I’ll bet you’d be great to have a beer with.



Anonymous said...

nice one. easy topic but nice.
i really really really hate that guy and what he and his administration has done to you guys and to the rest of us dependant on the US.
However after Obama voted for the FISA constitutional dry rape, i'm not sure anymore. I think you guys need an actual revolution to start again.
Corporate interests run the US without any doubt. But if I was in chare of a company with thousands of employees, I would probably woo the gov as well. So the lax laws are to blam I guess.
Sometimes i wonder if this is how it always feels after 8 years of a president. were we so mad at Clinton at the end of his term? what about Reagan? I just can't recall.
If Bush doesn't go down as one of the worst in history I'd be surprised though.

J Reidy said...

it's easy but it seems like everyone has given up on calling him out. it's like "he's almost out of there, so why bother?"

well, i bother because i don't want more of his kind just taking up where he left off.

Obama certainly has a lot to prove. i've heard from people in Illinois (his home state) that he wasn't that great there. will he be (to further my analogy) a mediocre college player who turns on the jets and becomes a superstar once he makes it to the big dance? don't know. but regardless even if it's just to piss off the Fox news zombies, i want those republican fuckheads out on their asses.

people were not this mad at Clinton. i think with all of his scandal, people just wanted to move on, but he's still well loved. Reagan, as spotty as his record was, was still loved....even though he was despised by a lot of people...very similar to Clinton.

but Bush. my god. what an atrocity. i will say this about republicans, no matter how wrong they are, they still stick by their kind. it's completely asinine and dangerous but it's why so many dolts vote for them.


Brent R said...

"Shades of that but with more ape-like innocence."
haha, I love how you write

Fred K. Tapeball III said...

I like the bumper sticker, and the Star Wars Prequel analogy is spot on.

Clinton's still fondly remembered, but the growth that he oversaw was fueled by excesses that ultimately brought down the economic engine of this country. Most people like to forget that the economy had started to tank before he ever left office, and his laissez faire attitude toward Saddam and bin Laden allowed them operate with impunity for 8 years.

And rest assured, if Saddam did have chemical weapons, it was a certainty that we wouldn't find them. Bush's failed strategy was in trying to get world support to invade. The flaw in that logic is that Saddam had nearly a year to transfer out or dismantle all illicit weaponry from the country. Bush should have invaded first, and asked for forgiveness later, or at least built a rock-solid case on something other than Ahmad Chalabi's INC-agenda-driven "testimonials." With regard to the U.N., nothing's as chapping to someone's hide as asking for their blessing, and then charging ahead anyway when they say no, especially when you make it clear from the outset that you're going one way or the other, and that you think the U.N. is a bunch of tools anyway. Which, they are but one should keep that sort of opinion on the down-low when seeking approval for your actions.

Republican wagon-circling is a sight to behold: they'll even defend the gay, philandering ones since they'd rather tolerate a homo in their midst than give up a precious seat.

Democrats aren't any better, there's plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

A favorite joke of mine goes thusly:

Q: What's the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat?

A: The Republican will tell you when he's ripping you off.

Democrats are like Southern Baptists in a liquor store: they still drink like fish, but they have the shame to hide their face if they see someone they know. The Republicans simply have no sense of shame, but they're still just as sinful either way.