Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Proving the Point: if one person writes it, they all write it

Here is a review of Built To Spill's You In Reverse that came out this past weekend in the Denver Post:

Link (third one down)

Seems eerily familiar to what I mentioned earlier about EVERYONE writing the SAME FUCKING REVIEW. Has this guy ever heard this band before? This isn't so much about BTS as it is any band that gets swept up in the hype and writers NOT DOING THEIR GODAMNED JOBS. It's like he literally read all the other reviews, didn't know what to say and re-wrote what he read. Pathetic.

Good thing I'm here to tell the 10 people that read this what's going on.

In other news, the Stellastarr*/Editors show was good. Stellastarr* ripped it up. They were the highlight of the show because Editors pretty much played it straight off the album. I love their album, but like I've said before, why did I want to pay $20 to hear them do it note for note?

Stellastarr* was worth the money and I would pay to see them again.

On a side note, saw a kid I've known for a long time at the show. He asked me if I was going down to Lipgloss (popular, long running DJ night in Denver). I said "probably not" because I had a long day coming up. He said, "Editors are doing a set down there." I responded, "and acoustic set?" (this was before they played and hearing acoustic versions of their songs intrigued me) "No, they're DJing," he said.

Shit. No thanks. Nothing worse than having to sit through some musicians "DJ-ing". I still guest DJ from time to time (I used to DJ before literally everyone was a DJ, so it's fun to do once in awhile) but I can't imagine how boring and inconsequential it must be for people who have come down to hear me DJ.

If I wanted to be bored, I'd just stay and listen to Editors play their album note for note. Which I did.



Trouble said...

JR, on your recommendation alone I'll check them out.

It wouldn't take you long to hate it here in NYC. Bands/artists you otherwise like seem to delight in embarassing themselves publicly by doffing the earphones and drunkenly playing pretend DJ at parties and clubs, or using their tiny portion of fame to hit on models.

Just about the only thing I miss about Denver is the opportunity to enjoy a blissful week or two of new and exciting things before the douchebags of the world glom onto it.

That, and decent Mexican food.

Since your post is about writing, I'll share this nugget with you: whenever I submit clips for a freelance writing gig (my occupation)they always comment on my Hooligan clips. Lots of, "this reminds me of The Stranger, in Seattle."

J Reidy said...

that's because, as you may remember, the Hooligan was directly inspired by the Stranger. nice that people pick up on that. now i'm waiting for someone to say "it reminds me of the Hooligan." except that may mean shitty, sloppy, and unprofessional...hey, it's jus nice to get recognized once in awhile.

if you don't like Interpol, you may not like Editors, but i still stand by it as being good.


Trouble said...

Thanks for the recommendation, and here's one for you, from me:

I know a big-deal editor at a major music magazine who says it's hard to find freelancers who know music. You know music, and I think you'd be great--let me know if you're interested.

--Alex (a/k/a Trouble)

J Reidy said...

i am always interested in spreading my gospel...i'm flattered, no shocked actually.

email me at for the details...i'll bring the Denver style Mexican food...mmmmmm.