Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Most Overrated Albums of all Time

As I finished this list, I decided to see if anyone else had this bright idea. Much to my surprise, a lot of people had the same bright idea. Oddly enough some of my top ranked overrated albums were common to other lists. And then there were some albums that all the writer could say about was “I don’t get it.” Well, that’s kind of a cop out. You might not like the Arcade Fire, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Just because your taste sucks and you know how to access the internet is no reason to spread your drivel like so much bad mayonnaise. With that, I hope you like my list. And if you don’t, there’s the internet. Use it.

10. Liz Phair - Exile In Guyville

Take away the fact that the title is a bad Stones reference. No, it’s a terrible Stones reference. Is Guyville all she could come up with? Guyville sounds like a gay sports bar for accountants. This is a classic example of an extremely overrated album because 1) it’s awful and 2) every white woman aged 34-40 owns it or name checks it. Notice I didn’t say they still listened to it.

With it’s faux feminism masquerading as hot blow jobs (worked for Alanis too), there isn’t a single hook, lyric or melody that you could point to that would make it as popular as it seems. Chicks and several lame dudes ate this up because Phair was an unpleasant mix between Sheryl Crow and Courtney Love; singing about giving head and really nothing else. I hear it’s being re-released as a “deluxe” edition. I just threw up in my mouth too.

9. Metallica - Master of Puppets

I know, not a popular choice, but here me out: Of the early output of Metallica (before they cut their hair, got their lips pierced and proceeded to fully suck cat ass) it’s by far the weakest. Ride the Lightning is to Master as Exile in Guyville is to whitechocolatespaceegg….ok, bad example.

Master signified the end of this Metallica era. With the death of Cliff Burton the band ultimately moved on to browner pastures. It also signified their entrance into the arena rock posturing that has cost them their most important asset: credibility. With that said, Master of Puppets is still a great album. There is some of Metallica’s finest work on here, but overall it’s looked to as their overall best work and that is simply not true. And for that, it makes this list.

8. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

Indie rock creeps wet themselves a few years back declaring this pretentious knob the greatest thing since the advent of the porn box (your computer). I’ve tried to listen to it and its saccharine-y self consciousness just makes me ill.

Check out the picture of this wanker wearing his wings. Can you really take him seriously? He certainly takes himself very seriously. Fanboys and indie rock web editors put this jag off on a pedestal so high it was impossible to inform him that he might just suck as bad as Liz Phair. I’m sure he’d just flap his wings and fly away to make another cutesy album about a state. Here’s a state for you: the state of catatonia you’ve put me in with your bad music.

7. Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

More like “this album is a Lemon that has cause Infinite Sadness in anyone who invested an ounce of themselves into modern rock.” A little long but fairly accurate. Other than the first track, this is a double album’s worth of steaming dog piss. And yet it’s probably their best selling and critically received. Go figure.

Corgan adopted his bald headed, Nosferatu persona at this point; utilizing flowing tunics and Bowie-esque theatrics. But without the talent and musical ingenuity of the thin white duke. If there ever was a blowhard emperor of rock who fiddled away while his fan base and integrity burned to the ground, Corgan would be on the official coin on Blowhardia.

6. Notorious B.I.G - Life After Death

Spotty hip hop with a handful of bona fide classic jams on it. With the stink of Sean “Puffy” Combs all over it, this album was released after B.I.G. was killed, therefore guaranteeing its place in the pantheon of hip hop classics. Biggie was a pretty talented dude, but would this have been as huge if he hadn’t died? Probably. Really because hip hop is a singles driven medium and there are some bangers on this, but it doesn’t deserve half the hype it was afforded. And really, why did anyone think it was a good idea for Puff Jiggly to whisper “Bad Boy” over every single goddamned track? He absolutely ruined ¾ of the songs on this record simply by opening his mouth. You have to have some sort of personality disorder to inject yourself that much into someone else’s work. But I guess he was dead so he had no way to stop him. Great work you douche bag.

5. Pearl Jam - Entire Discography

If Nirvana was the Beatles and Soundgarden was the Stones, Pearl Jam are the Monkees. A fabricated band made up to milk the pacific north west grunge cash cow. That’s actually an insult to the Monkees who had some pretty good songs. But you get the idea.

My distaste for Pearl Jam has abated over the last couple of years but my gall for the fans of the band still remains toxic. The band and its output has been mediocre at best yet the fans put them up there with some of the greats in the music world. And have you listened to “Jeremy” from 1991‘s Ten album? Not very good. Do you know what Soundgarden offered up in 1991? Badmotorfinger that’s what. “Rusty Cage” blows away anything PJ has done in its entire career. And which one is considered the better band by white dudes in their 30’s? That’s the sole definition of overrated.

4. The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

Ironic that this great classic album should share the same list as the cheap knockoff offered up by Liz Phair. It is a great, classic album. No doubt there. But even though it’s looked to as the “greatest” Stones album it merely comes in second or third in that race. People who want to seem hip or have read the manual on how to respond when asked what the best Stones album is will reply “Exile,” but we all know Sticky Fingers is a better album song by song.

This falls under the category that Master of Puppets (and a few more to follow) did in that it’s a fantastic album; it’s just not the best the music listening masses would like you to believe. I could write several pages on why Exile is good, but I only need two paragraphs to tell you why it makes this list.

3. Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

Ug. Hipsters took up the Brian Wilson rallying cry in the mid 90’s and I’m still not sure if they were just being ironic. Sure I can give Wilson some credit for great harmonies and using a theremin, but really, this IS the Beach Boys were talking about.

The Beach Boys epitomized everything that I hated about music when I got old enough to know better. Cheeseball shit that sounded like it was custom made for dorks. Even the album cover ranks up there with one of the worst/hilarious rock and roll photos ever. I know the argument is that the Beatles influenced this with Rubber Soul and Pet Sounds in turn influenced them with Sgt. Pepper’s but Rubber Soul is a genius piece of work. Whereas Sgt. Pepper’s….well, you might just want to stay tuned.

I still think that someone, somewhere was making a joke when he proclaimed Pet Sounds to be brilliant. Then gullible hipsters ate it up and parroted that same notion, confounding people with taste like myself. Hey everybody let’s listen to Jan and Dean! They’re awesome! Suckers.

2. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

I once got into a heated exchange with my brother and a friend the time I declared Dark Side of the Moon to be “not very good.” The kind of reaction I got was to be expected from people who have been conditioned from a young age to love this boring piece of shit record.

Like most things on this list, there are better albums by this group. Yet, for some reason, this is held up to be one of the greatest albums of all time. Hogwash. Complete and utter hogwash. I can’t remember the song, and doing so would mean I’d have to actually listen to it again, but there are some female back up singers wailing away on it that sounds like someone who was doing too much cocaine was given too big a budget to record an album. It’s just over blown and ridiculous. Ridiculous like the notion that this album should be ranked as one of the greatest.

1. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band

This album offers not only the greatest Beatles song, but one of the greatest pop songs ever written. “A Day in the Life” is the crowning achievement of not only songwriting but humanity in general. You can travel all over the world and there will be a guy with a guitar singing this on a street corner. It is just an epic song and I will argue to the death that it should be considered the greatest song of all time.

With that said, the album it comes from is truly the most overrated album of all time. Sure it changed the game in so many ways: the production was unique and way ahead of its time. The use of instruments and weird effects changed the music world as we know it. Sure, sure, sure. But it’s by far not the greatest Beatles album. Not even close. There’s some real clunkers of songs on here that just don’t catapult it to the level most have placed it. It’s great, don’t mis-read what I’m saying here, but it’s a third or fourth on the list of greatest Beatles albums for sure.

“Getting Better” and “She’s Leaving Home” are puzzling in their blandness. You can’t hit a home run every time, but shouldn’t what most consider “the greatest album of all time” be solid all the way through? Yes, it should. And Sgt. Pepper’s is not. Greatest album of all time? It’s up there sure. Totally overrated? You bet. The most overrated.



Anonymous said...

thanks for posting again
Pearl Jam's Ten was a fave of mine but they went downhill quickly after that. I never got a tru love for Soundgarden until I realized some important stuff about music and now I listen to them and dont even have Ten.
Maybe PJ are so hyped now b/c they still exist and fight Tickemaster?

J Reidy said...

nostalgia plain and simple.

they captured the minds of a certain fan base, white dudes now in their late 30's who otherwise have a bland taste in music, and rode it to stardom.

good musicians, i'm sure they're great guys, but just a shadow of what their compatriots were putting out at the time.

Anonymous said...

Nice list - the only thing I would have changed would be to place The Stone Roses, Second Coming on that list. What a colossal failure that was--

J Reidy said...

i thought about that one, but i think once it came out, it was universally since it didn't stand the test of time (i.e. no one is praising it now)it's rated just fine.
in fact i'd say it's Underrated.

i do like the album. it's very flawed, a tremendous flop of a follow up to one of the greatest albums of all time, but there's some great jams on there.

Bob said...

Fuck that, Pet Sounds is great.

I guess if you don't like what the Beach Boys bring to the table, in terms of Phil Spector-esque pop Americana, then you never will. But to me Pet Sounds crystalizes and perfects that vibe to the greatest imaginable degree. It's the closest that "Gee Whiz, I love my girl and my fast car" will ever get to being moving. And at that, I think it's successful.

But hey, their sound and content are a little cheesy. Totally. But so is Fleetwood Mac -- Jesus Christ! After reading the deeply personal, two-part (and maybe slightly pitchforky) love letter to Rumors that you published, I'd say you're not above relishing good music that's at least partly powered by nostalgia or cheese.

I totally agree on the other ones, though. Great blog/zine.

J Reidy said...



actually that was written by two people and the more personal stuff was by a great writer by the name of Jason Heller (he's the local editor of the Onion here in Denver).

mine was the more straight up review. and pet sounds still sucks.

Anonymous said...

How could you forget Taco's "After Eight"? Many of our best and brightest minds have hailed this album as being "The quintessential" Taco album to own. Surely, if one looks at the facts "Let's Face The Music" is the album that made them the Kingmakers of the 80's.

Anonymous said...

I forgot Frankie Smith's "Children of Tomorrow" in my last post.

Anonymous said...

Lmao at the "life after death" review I rember how big a deal that was when it was new and I bought it like the day it came out being that I was already of fan of his because "ready to die" was so good and puff daddy almost ruined the album by acting like a complete duecebag on just about every single song.I thought I was the only one annoyed by puff daddy being such a tool throughout the album.
But come on master of puppets is amazing and I even like it more than ride the lightning and kill em all but I do think ride the lightning is there 2nd best work and is underrated being that most people put and "justice for all" and "kill em all" ahead of it.I think you shouldve included the black album by metallica over puppets.
I hate pearl jam eddie vedders voice gets to me really fast I tried to like them but I found it impossible
No nevermind?I always liked in utero alot more than nevermind.Neverminds a classic but so are some of the other ones after the first 5 songs it wasnt that good.
You should have included "all eyez on me" as far as hip-hop albums go that thing was a giant mess alot of filler and the 2nd disc is really pointless since theres like one good song on it but either of those mediocre 2pac albums he did with death row would be more suitable for this list than "life after death".
Anything by "green day" is also overrated I cant stand them

Darrel said...

10.2pac-don killumanti:The 7 Day Theory-The outlawz ruined this album just like puff daddy did life after death.While 2pac did his part his inclusion of his lame weed cariers the outlawz really wasnt a good move.
9.Nevermind by Nirvana-It all goes downhill throughout the album.Seriously ever song gets a little bit worse.While I think it is a classic it isnt top 20 all time good.
8.ten by pearl jam
7.Pauls botique-While the beasties are obviously not great rappers or whatever they are they did make good albums early in there career.While I dont think anyone other than critics overrate pauls botique it still isnt an amazing album I do like it alot but critics act like it changed the world when it really is just another classic hip-hop album
6.ok computer by radiohead-radiohead fans and critics act like this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.It is a very good album but just overrated.
5.Thriller by Michael Jackson
4.nevermind the bullocks by the sex pistols-Way more talented and original punk bands than these hacks.The album is usually placed very high on some peoples list witch is a shame.
3.All Eyez on Me by Tupac Shakur-Okay it has the occasional classic hip-hop song sure but as far as this goes almost all non-classic songs suck.Okay album but im going to scream next time someone calls it the best hip-hop album of all time cause its simpley not true sounds by the beach boys
1.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the beatles-I always thought of Revolver as there best album.Now it is a great album but I didnt know that anyone thought it was the single greatest until I started useing the internet.

Anonymous said...

What about "Whitey Ford sings the blues" I think it sold well and critics loved it,but it still sucked.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be allowed to run a website like this, let alone rate the bands YOU think are overrated. Who are you anyway? I've never heard of you before in my life. I googled "most overrated bands" and you were on page 2.
Pearl Jam's "No Code" is one of the most underrated album's I've ever heard. "Ten" and "Versus" influenced more bands that you hear today than anyone else from the grunge era, including Soundgarden and Nirvana. I have no respect for someone who bashes Pearl Jam. They are the easiest band to bad-mouth and talk negative about, because they aren't from YOUR scene anymore. I especially don't appreciate critics of music who don't have the balls to tell everyone what THEY listen to.So, what do you listen to?

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam is easily one of the most overrated bands ever. Who knows who is the most there is no way you can tell because no one has ever heard every band and their material. 'Ten' is solid "Evenflow" is a great song. But it was downhill fast after that first record. They have bankrolled a great career from one album, brilliant marketing and management and being the godfather's of grunge.
Stone Gossard has admitted "they were at the right place at the right time" and has no apologies for it. They embodied grunge in every way shape and form from the way they looked, acted, presentation, delivery etc. They were anti-establishment (whatever that means) appealed to young kids, the counterculture and the media loved them and still does. The media is very powerful i.e. Barack Obama.

Monje Rockero said...

"If Nirvana was the Beatles and Soundgarden was the Stones"
What the fuck are you thinking? retarded fruitcake.

J Reidy said...

I haven't been getting the comments on this but i'm glad i checked it. here's a response to the last turd who said:

"What the fuck are you thinking?
retarded fruitcake."

What kind of asshole goes on someone else's blog and insults them like that?

first of all, if you can't understand that particular music reference, you 18 year old twat (he is, i looked him up),than you certainly don't have any right to insult my musical taste.

if you can bring something intelligent to the conversation (even if you disagree) as most have here, feel free to comment. but this kind of juvenile crap is not only uncalled for it just makes you look bad.

when you stop living at your parent's house you'll realize that in real life (not the fake internet one you live in) you won't get away with being such a dimwit.

if you need to look any of that up (his blog is in spanish), i'm calling you a pussy.

and to the absolute douchebag above who doesn't think i should be "allowed to run a website like this" and "has no idea who i am" you are a real fucking prize. are you that lonely and clueless that you would post something like this? man, what a piece of shit you are.

this is a free blogspot page, anyone can "run" one. and you've never heard of me because i'm just another person on the internet with an opinion. if you haven't figured that out by now, you are a truly, truly sad sack of shit.

great stuff you complete morons, keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

mrshotgunjesus said...

Sad, Nirvana's Nevermind was way more overrated then ANY of Pearl Jams albums. Go to your school/college and ask some one one song by Nirvana. Expect to here Teen Spirit every time. And another honorable mention would be Radio Head, Ohai Creep.....

Joe Hipperson said...

PEARL JAM are the greatest band walking the face of the earth. Time has told this to be true. They survived the FAD of "grunge" and evolved from record to record. RIOT ACT is the only hiccup in their cannon. You want 5 reasons? 5 reasons why PEARL JAM will be--and SHOULD BE--forever remembered as a band of true integrity and a sound all their own? (Please, your love for SOUNDGARDEN makes me sick--they are a hair metal band that got VERY lucky by being in the right place at the right time)

5 REASONS why PEARL JAM are the balls:


All 5 songs are unique and unlike anything the 'grunge scene' produced as a whole. Hole. There's a band that blows ass, too.

YELLOW LEDBETTER? Sure, it's obviously influenced by LITTLE WING--but that's the point. It's an evolution of sound--not a copy.

The true crime of the 1990's grunge scene lies in the youth that rose from the ashes. The newbies that took the stage after Manson and Limp Bizkit officially killed off the grunge movement. The newbies that go by the names: CREED, LIFEHOUSE, and God help us--NICKLEBACK.

I'm right.

Trust me.

For more of ME being RIGHT you should check out

Anonymous said...

You are so right on Sgt. Pepper, The Beatles had FAR better albums than that one, you forgot velvet underground and nico that album sucks major dick, the VU had MUCH BETTER albums than that one!

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