Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama’s New Catchphrase

So I was watching the results from the Pennsylvania primary a little while back. The report said Clinton won because of the support of white women. They broke down the voting for said white women and it went something like 68% for Hillary and 22% for Barack. I don’t know where the other 10% went.

The reporter made a big deal how this was a big deal for Hillary and subsequently for Barack due to the fact that white women prefer Clinton.

And then it hit me. The perfect catchphrase for Obama after the Pennsylvania primary. Borrowing Cleavon Little's line from the comedy classic Blazing Saddles, Obama should just come out and say:


Simple, effective and to the point. Where indeed are all his white women at? I'm sure someone somewhere is using this to make white people look more racist. And speaking of which, this catchphrase is still better than Rush Limbaugh’s “where all my prescription drugs at?” McCain’s “where am I at?” and Bill O’Reilly’s “where all my white women I can sexually harass at?”



Anonymous said...

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J Reidy said...

i don't remember you mentioning anything about making extra cash.

are you sure you have the right person?

i better check this site out just to be sure.....


Anonymous said...

wow! maybe i can take a survey on what would make Obama more "electible" (sp?)..maybe some sort of stupid catchphrase :)
I'm sorry for you americans, this may not end well for you and then I guess I'll feel sorry for the rest of us as a result.

I meant to ask before if you are a musician Reidy. You're hard on bands so just wanted to know if you've ever tried to make music.
It's hard to be original. Even the most talented get nowhere as is evidenced on youtube which has become one of the only places for people so show off their gratuitous amounts of musical talent to a wide audience.

J Reidy said...

i'm no "musician" by any stretch of the imagination, but i have played guitar, bass etc. over the years.

i don't play much at all these days.

i've been in some bands but mainly as a way to hang out with friends.

i'm hard on bands because i LOVE music and hate to see talent wasted or someone given praise when they clearly don't deserve it. (as in the public has lavished them with praise and they don't deserve it)

with that said, i do appreciate the insane amount of work it takes for someone to produce any music. i think the simple act of musicians getting organized and getting up on stage is worth commending...it's when they turn into radiohead is where i get bent out of shape.

as for our election, i'll use the phrase that was to adorn the second issue of War Time Smile that never came out: Your Freedom/Our Funeral...in your case, Our Freedom/Your Funeral.