Wednesday, March 08, 2006, TV, why won't you believe me..

The subject title is from a song a college friend of mine sang who was late for work at the world trade center on sept. 11th. He lived and that's what you'd expect from him. The full lyric (and only lyric) of the song is "Gandalf, can't take my hand off/ Hand off, you're watching football/ TV/ why won't you believe me" or something like that. On with the show.

Tv rules. I'm not ashamed to admit I watch Project Runway. It's great TV. I really don't know shit about fashion like the guys in Blink 182, but I know what looks good and I get off on predicting who goes home every week on the show.

I'm thinking Santino wins but it could be Chloe. The crazy thing about Santino is I had no idea his mom was black. They showed an old family photo and she's a fairly light skin, attractive black woman. He looks like General Zod most of the time, but once I saw his mom, I took another look at him and realized he's cut from the same Nicole Richie genetic cloth. Seriously, they could be brother and sister. Good show though and I'm thinking I'm going to enter my clothing line next year...I don't have anything sewn yet but everything has ruffles.

The other show I saw tonight was Samurai Champloo. I fully dig Adult Swim but I don't really like the Japanese stuff. I don't know what it is, but I lose interest in it very quickly. I tivo'd an episode of Samurai Champloo to see what it was all about and loved it. I have a season pass now, so time will tell if it keeps my interest.

Other than that, I wait breathlessly for new episodes of Lost (theories on request), the Boondocks is the best thing on TV and I just got hooked on the Amazing Race. Yeah, crazy isn't it? I hate most of that shit, but that show reeled me in.

So, if you're satisfied with what I'm watching on TV, please do some TV watching yourself. It's what's good for America.



Captain Sensible said...

Dude -

You have to check out Country Boys, a three-part documentary by David Sutherland, the newest Frontline special airing on PBS.

It tells the story of two teenage boys, Chris and Cody, who are growing up poor in Eastern Kentucky. The film itself is real, gritty, and hard to look away from. It's everything a documentary should be.

The PBS rreality show features a menagerie of toothless, lazy, backwoods country folk, feeding into every stereotype the world has for rural life.

Go to and definetly Tivo it. It's a hoot!!!

J Reidy said...

i will definitely check it out.

i love Frontline, so anything they put out is pretty good in my opinion.

some of it is almost frustrating because of how balanced it is...i guess we're not used to that anymore.

there was a thing on the music industry and while it focused on most of the negatives and how major labels have lost the plot, it never came out and hit them where it counted....i guess that's what you get with truly "fair and balanced" reporting.

thanks for the tip...i loves me some TV.

by the way, i wrote the above post while i was kind of loaded so that's why it's a little (a lot) disjointed.


zak rockstar said...

if we're admitting to embarassing TV, I have something I have to get off my chest: "there & back."
I so don't want to like this show, but damn if it isn't a train wreck every week.
this guy from the most made-up of all the made-up boy bands, O-Town, wants to get back into the music industry so he's recording his demo while his life is crashing down around him.
the main character, ashley (heh, heh he's a boy named "ashley"), sincerely records the worst pop-music shit for his album every week for our viewing enjoyment. and he's surrounded by L.A. yes-men who convince him that he's recording the next White Album.

show highlight: main character deciding that the best way to support his family is by having a garage sale where he sells a mint-condition Japanese import of his O-Town CD to some fat lady for $1.50 - and then offering to sign it for her.

warning: the songs will stick in your head for a couple days after the show, this is both irritating and a little painful

J Reidy said...

well, embarrassing tv is different from watching something kind of art-faggy like project runway. i think runway is a good show, it's just kind of lame for a straight male to be into fashion...kind of like how lars ulrich is all into "art." the guys in good charlotte and blink 182 looooove fashion. such punkers!

embarrassing would be admitting that when i didn't have cable i watched almost the whole catalog of Dharma and Greg. i'm also a huge fan of the America's Funniest Home Videos (can't get enough of people eating shit), saw an inordinate amount of Felicity for some reason, watched every episode of the Pauly Shore reality show, and the list goes on and on.

as for your revelation, yeah, that's pretty bad. i think my wife watched that (she's the reason i saw so much dharma and greg and felicity) and she couldn't hang with it. but you say the music is shit right? so how come it sticks in your head? i think it has achieved its purpose: bad pop music isn't good or deep, it's just supposed to stick in your head for a few hours and fade from memory. kind of like a good stick of gum.

but you're brave for admitting that. you're in good company.

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J Reidy said...

what does that have to do with TV?

unless your lame handbags have a TV inside of them, i don't want to hear about it.

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