Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Just finished watching the comedic romp Waiting... starring Ryan Reynolds and Ana Faris. The commercials for this movie didn't do it any justice. I figured it was going to be all right, but I assumed it was another movie about a topic that the screenwriter couldn't get his/her hands totally around.

But Waiting... works well as a restaurant movie because I have to take the leap and assume that writer/director Rob McKittrick has worked in this environment. From the post shift parties to the shit bag people you have to serve, I think he nailed it.

There is some ridiculousness to the movie that I'm sure had to be added to make it more interesting; because if you've worked in a restaurant you would know it can be very boring. The way the cooks handled the food and the "revenge" they get on pissy patrons is too over the top. I'm sure that shit happens, but the restaurant wouldn't be open long if it happened as much as it does in Waiting. Still, I wish all the jerk offs who gave me grief in my restaurant career could see this movie, just to scare them into being a bit nicer.

Luis Guzman is just probably the ugliest man alive but he makes the person loveable scumbag that works in the kitchens of your favorite restaurant. Reynolds is pretty much the same character he always plays: smart ass, wise cracking and trolling for teenage pussy. Ana Faris (absolutely love her) does her standard great job. Faris is seriously turning into a brilliant comic actress. She’s not going to win an academy award (who cares right?) but she’s been in some pretty fucking funny movies. Here she plays the hot, kind of slutty waitress, that we’ve all come to love working in America’s food emporiums.

The best character though had to be Naomi played by Alanna Ubach. Every restaurant has one of these: constantly pissed off, screaming and yelling and bitching at everyone. Once she hits the floor, she’s all smiles, sugar and spice. If every office has someone who’s way too nice for comfort, every restaurant has someone like this. And she probably had the funniest scene where she flashes her hairy beaver (which had tons of lint in it) and was thrusting it toward everyone yelling, “POW! POW!” Just hilarious.

If you’ve done time in restaurants like I have, this is a must watch. Even if you’ve only been on the customer, you’ll like this if you dig raunchy comedy.

Watch all the way through the credits because Andy Milonakis (playing a convincing gangsta busboy) has somewhat of a rap video at the end that aint’ too shabby.


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Trouble said...

Hey, Reidy, long time no see!

Your friendly neighborhood Hootchie Mama here. (I finally divorced the douchebag and moved the Hell out of Denver.) How are you?

You're right on in your assessment with "Waiting". By the way, the special features shows the maniacal writer/director, who brags about waiting at shithole restaurants the way some vets brag about 'Nam.

Scary, yes, but his little movie sure nails it for us former "dub-dubs".