Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chappelle, I miss you

Just a note on some funny shit.

I caught an old Chappelle's Show last night. Old because there aren't any new ones being made.

There are a lot of funny moments from Dave's show but the one that was on last night made me laugh out loud. Now, I've seen this one probably five times, and yet I busted up.

The Negrodamus skit where the black Nostrodamus gives a studio audience his predictions was on and it contains two outstanding jokes. The first one, asked by an audience member goes, "Negrodamus, why is George Bush so sure Iraq has weapons of mass destruction?" Negrodamus calmly looks at the camera and says, "because he has the reciept." It's the perfect joke.

The second follows right after it. Another audience member asks Negrodamus, "what will happen to Star Jones on the view?"

Negrodamus, with the delivery of an assassin says, "Star Jones will still host the view. Then she will take her wig off and do the weather."

Like I said, I've seen it at least five times and I still burst out laughing. if ypu like Chappelle, you've probably laughed too. It's brilliant comedy writing and I hope Dave gets back to it somehow, some way.

In the meantime, I'm going to rent Dave's Block Party and wait for the comeback. It sure does feel good to laugh. Thanks Dave.


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Anonymous said...

bloc party is relaxing and easy to watch, just sit back and enjoy. chapelle is phenomenal. i keep comparing him to the crap-ass shit that chris rock puts out now and there is a huge gap. his (rock's) jesse jackson evangelist style is terrible and contrived and i'm not buying it. chapelle is himself and chris rock is sucking the hollywood hog.