Monday, July 10, 2006

World Series of Pop Culture

I consider myself a master of useless pop culture knowledge, but I don't have shit on my cousin Erin.

Erin is competing on VH1's World Series of Pop Culture and the episode she's on will air this tuesday (7/11). Not sure what time it's on in your neck of the woods, but if you don't catch it then, I'm pretty sure VH1 will re-run it until the end of time.

I had to make sure my Tivo is set NOT to record every goddamn episode of Flavor of Love considering they re-ran it around the clock a few months back. So I'm thinking the WSOPC will be on a few times.

But if you do watch, cheer on my cousin and her team "Cheetara" as they take on some bonifide trivia geeks for a prize of $250,000. I don't know how she did, she couldn't tell us. But she was wearing a solid gold crown that said "Queen of Trivia" when I saw her last....who knows.

Shit. And I thought winning a $50 bar tab when I go out and do trivia was pretty sweet. Oh well, maybe I'll just stick to free hot wings and Budweiser, that might be more of my speed.



Anonymous said...

Hi JR -

I'm going to Denver at the end of August. Where can I go to find cool kids?



J Reidy said...

that depends. give me a little info about what you're into...what kind of cool kids are we talking about? hipsters with greasy, angular haircuts who wear tight clothes? punk rock kids? well dressed yuppie hipsters who think they're cool?

you know the Real World is being filmed here right now, you could hang out with them....ha...

anyway, let me know and i can either give it its own post or you can email me directly at


Anonymous said...

Cool thanks -

Well basically I hate manufactured night life and entertainment, I tend to stay away from tourist traps. When I'm on business I want to go where the real people go, not what some development firm has decided to create. In other words not the Starbucks of bars and night life, but the local cofee house. I still like to go see bands... and I like REAL irish bars not chains. Not into yuppy kids, and I'll pass on the Real Word lest I end up in a fight...

Thanks for the help man!

J Reidy said...

cool. you and i are on the same page.

first off, you want to stay out of "LoDo" or lower downtown. well, you don't really want what's down there although there's a few good things. LoDo is where they are filming the Real World and it's where the baseball stadium and countless meathead bars are.

but here's what's good in LoDo: right up the block from Coors Field is El Chapultapec (1962 Market st)an old ass jazz bar that is very atypical for what's around it. this place is great if you can handle the jerks in the places around you.

just up the street from there is Herb's Hideout...haven't been in a long time but it used to be an awesome hole in the wall piano bar.

further north in the warehouse district is the Larimer Lounge (2721 Larimer st). the LL is a great (small) live music venue. they book great bands and it's in a funky part of town that hasn't really been touched by the man yet.

probably the best Irish bar in Denver is Nallen's and it's essentially in LoDo (14th and Market). it's been around forever, they got real Micks working there, and it rules. the weekend LoDo crowds might kill your buzz but they pour a good pint.

if you like baseball, Coors field is a nice park. other than these, stay away from the rest of it.

now, another good place to go is south broadway (or SoBo if you're lame). there's a bunch of great clothing stores, book stores, the famous Mayan theater, and great bars. if you head south on Broadway you'll start seeing some good stuff around 2nd or 3rd.

the Hi-Dive/Sputnik is at 7 S. Broadway and one side is a bar and the other a live music place. very cool. down the way and across the street is the 3 Kings tavern...haven't been yet but it's owned by a guy i know and he's a badass.

that side of the street has a bunch of bars and i haven't been to most of them because they're either new or became something else. there an Irish Bar (Irish Rover i think) that looks pretty good right there. pretty much everything around there is cool...the brown barrel is pretty sleazy, i'd avoid that one.

a little further down (before Alameda (major street))is the Skylark. it's a larger two story bar on the left side. cool bar, kind of a rock-a-billy scene so if you're not into that avoid.

around the corner from there at Alameda and Logan is Twist and Shout, a record store. very big, loads of good stuff.

Colfax: you can stroll colfax from the capital (colfax and broadway) all the way east for a couple of miles and find some good stuff. colfax is still a little too sleazy for the corporations to have soiled it yet.

Taki's is good, fast japanese food on the corner of colfax and logan, across the street is Jerry's Records, a great used vinyl/cd place. going further east you'll see the fillmore theater on your left and right before that are some hippy bars if you're so inclined. not my scene but nice and grungy.

then you'll see the Ogden theater on you're left...lots of shows...check out the websites for these places ( see what's going on.

keep going east and there's an irish bar on the left called the Snug or something like that. it's ok. keep going and you'll hit Street of London pub further on the left. you'll know it because it's right next to 'scooter liquors' with the scooter on top.
Street of London is not authentic looking but it's definitely got a "real" vibe to it. a guy from there opened a new place "the British Bulldog" that's supposed to be good. it's off of north broadway..2052 Stout street, so B'way and the homeless part of town.

pushing on up colfax there will be several places on your right, the squire (dive), Pete's Satire (cool dive) and Pete's Kitchen. Pete's Kitchen is the finest breakfast food available in denver.

just a block east on the same side of the street is the world famous Lions Lair. they usually have local bands and it's a sweet hole in the wall that i spent the better part of my youth in.

way further up colfax (around colfax and cook) is the bluebird theater and a host of bars and restaraunts that have sprung up over the last couple of years. the bluebird is a great venue (check the site for them too) and there's some pretty good stuff around there.

if i had to go to one place near there i would definitely go to The PS Lounge which is a block or two east and across the street from the bluebird. great bar and the pizza they serve from next door is the best in the city.

oh and if you like kids with angular haircuts and tight clothes, go to Lipgloss on fridays. actually it's fun, loads of hipsters, loads of hot chicks and the cats that run it are cool and play pretty good tunes.

ok. that should get you going. if anyone else has a place to add, feel free...i don't get out that much these days.

and if you have a question about a specific place, let me know.


Karen said...

I think you summed it up nicely! Sputnik and 3 Kings are my current favorites on your list...

J Reidy said...

cool. not bad for a guy who doesn't go out too much anymore.

i've been meaning to make it down to 3 Kings because i've known Jim Norris for a long time and want to give him some of my business.

soon. i think when the Denver Post has its music fest, i'll be hitting the town in that area. more on that later.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap -

Thanks! There's no way I'll have enough time to visit, so im going for jazz, going to Twist and Shout (all indy music stores around me have closed), Nallen's, and some live music.

You should put out guide books for the young and hip, or in my case the slightly older but somewhat hip. There's definetly a market and the f**king guide books make deals with with attractions and restaurants for the recommendation. Just a thought


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