Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Denver Post Music Showcase

It’s really too bad that “Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead” was such a terrible movie. It’s forever linked with the city and not only makes Denver seem boring and unimaginative (like the film), it’s robbed us of a simple way of telling you what’s going on.

If you want to show just how out of touch and lame you are, title a column, “Things To Do in Denver...” Instead of being informative and hip you’ll have people running from your piece like it was homeless man, covered in shit, who just stumbled into the line at Burger King. No one wants that and no one wants your “Thing To Do in Denver” awkwardness.

If the movie had been better would it be ok to use the line? I don’t know maybe. It surely would have helped it, but I think some cocksucker from 5280 Magazine would have beaten it into the ground by now for sure.

So if you’re looking for something to do in Denver this weekend and you don’t want a clichéd tagline from a crappy movie no one saw, except for people in Denver hoping to see their house, check out the Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase.

The showcase takes place down on South Broadway at five different venues including the Three Kings Tavern, the Hi-Dive, Irish Rover and the Skylark. I think tickets are like $10 and there are some all ages shows earlier in the day. More info here: and

I was sent a ballot and was actually a judge for this year’s festivities. I declined to do it last year because I have become so out of touch with local music that I probably would just be voting for the few bands I knew and that wouldn’t be fair to some of the bands that actually deserve it. It’s pretty cool because 10 years ago, there would be no way to fill up the ballot with good bands, let alone vote for 20 of them.

But I voted. Partly because I wanted to get out on the town and see some of these bands and partly because I have actually been keeping up with local music….a little bit. I did do a homer vote by selecting the incredible Black Lamb with my first vote. I knew they probably wouldn’t win, but I still think they are one of the best bands in Denver and dammit I was going to vote for them because I could.

I voted for Hot IQ’s second and they actually came in second so hey, I’m not that out of touch. Munly won the whole thing and I had him down a few notches at number 6. Not bad for somebody who hasn’t seen a local band play in many, many years. I was pretty close with most of the other top 10 as well. I won’t tell you who else I voted for because I don’t want to get anyone excited and/or pissed off. I will tell you that near the end I was running out of bands to vote for so I started to select them solely based on how cool their name was. Nightshark and Electric Side Dish got votes based on these criteria. I hope they’re good…their names are glorious.

I think what Rick Baca and crew over at the Post are doing is great for Denver. They’ve moved the big papers into the 21st century through their excellent music coverage. Back in the day (by which I mean 10 years ago), the music coverage of the big papers was just a fucking joke but now it’s credible, respectable and if you can throw a party like this (for the sixth year), they got my vote…..hopefully they don’t read this and realize how utterly oblivious I am to local music. But hey, I may not go to the shows, but I’m always listening.



Davey said...

Electric Side Dish is a noodling jam band. The only vote they got must have been from you. That's pretty funny.

I actually used to play bass for them but they fired me because I told them I was sick of all the boring guitar solos.

J Reidy said...

that is fucking hilarious.

ya see, i should have kept my big mouth shut because now everybody in the world knows i voted for a jam band!

i thought for sure they were a metal band because of their name's similarity to Sabbath's "electric funeral"....i should have fucking known.

if they only got one vote (from me) they probably won't be playing this weekend so i can avoid the awkward conversation about "why did you fire Davey?".


Fred K. Tapeball III said...

Okay John,

I'm a little off topic here, but after Lance Bass' coming out day, I wanted to remind you of a little interview I did long ago with N'Syncenstein (for the online version of The Hooligan) where the following line was uttered:

"Lou chose Lance's name, for obvious reasons..."

I'm a goddamn clairvoyant!

Yeah, I know, making fun of Nsync these days is somewhat akin to mullet jokes and picking on retarded kids, but hey, I got take my victories where I can find them.

J Reidy said...

yo, sorry it took so long to respond. yes, of course i remember that story. i ran across it awhile back when i was packing up old issues. good call.

you know, everyone was like 'duh' when Lancey came out, but i really had no idea....actually i just thought they were all gay so it's more of a surprise that only one is out of the closet.

i mean the douche with the crazy hair sticking up??? that guy just sucks cock in general, not that he's actually gay. god damn they were an awful part of our collective pop culture past!....eeew


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