Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Boondocks

If you’re not one to watch Cartoon Network, get thee over there now and watch the Boondocks.

Yes, I know. Most grown men who watch Cartoon Network fall into these three categories: Seemingly normal at first, yet strangely too obsessed with cartoons from Japan and other odd animated shows. These guys will seem weirder and weirder to you as you find out what they’re into. Yeah, they’re harmless, but what is exactly wrong with someone who LOVES Japanese cartoons? You won’t feel the same about this person after you have the misfortune of looking through his DVD collection and having no idea what you’re looking at.

The second kind is a helpless dork who thinks nothing of breaking out quotes to various cartoons and feeling no remorse as perfectly sane women slowly recoil in fear. Quoting your favorite Simpson’s line (“it tastes like burning”) is great fun with the right group of guys, but if there’s any women there you need to impress, just pack your genitals away, you won’t be needing them.

The third kind of guy is the one who thinks he’s really cool for watching the great programming on Cartoon Network and feels he doesn’t fall into the above two categories. He keeps his mouth shut around most people about liking this stuff and it pays off in social dividends the other two can’t imagine. He might even be a bit delusional but he figured out a long time ago that talking about cartoons will never get you laid.

Anyway, you don’t have to be any of these fucking geeks to like the Boondocks. The Boondocks is based on the daily comic strip of the same name that has now been given new life in the form of an animated half hour show.

What Doonsbury did for skewering the political world, the Boondocks has put a similarly large foot in the ass of pop culture, centering mostly around the world of hip hop and the African American experience.

This is some great shit and it’s almost shocking how frank and raw some of it is. One episode had so much talk of anal rape in it that my wife made me turn it off…actually I turned it off because I was starting to laugh so much every time they mentioned it, that she was getting really pissed. But aside from the obvious laughs, the Boondocks is social satire at its finest; exposing the truth behind the stereotypes and making fun of everyone anyway. Check out the Boondocks on Sunday nights on Cartoon Network. link


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