Friday, December 23, 2005

The Ringer

Speaking of bad movies, I just watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. No, not R Kelly and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie...the remake starring Depp.

Everything they changed from the original, made it bad. They really should have left it alone and done it just like the first one. They changed the ending which I felt in the original really drove the point home that being a good person may not seem like you get rewarded, but really you do. This ending was just kind of tacked on limped to the obvious conclusion. And the new songs they created for this movie just flat out sucked. Pretty much unbearable. They also hired one midget as the oompaloompa and digitally replicated him a thousand times. Kind of weak. Place it in the "Bad" column on the list below.

Speaking of questionable content:

Am I missing something here? Where is the protest? Where is the outrage?

No one is raising a stink over the new Johnny Knoxville movie, The Ringer.

Knoxville plays a guy who fakes being retarded so he can win the Special Olympics. Kind of funny, has potential of being funny, but like a cigarette getting too close to a balloon, I cringed thinking of the anticipatory backlash; only to find there isn't any.

Sure, I'm know someone is pissed, but if they're not on CNN or splashed across the Yahoo home page, brother, they just don't matter. And they aren't, so they don't.

But why not? Is it because the filmmakers assuaged everyone's concerns by telling them the mentally challenged kids in the film will be portrayed positively and the bad guy (Knoxville) will be portrayed as well, a bad guy?

People just don't have it in them anymore I guess. Remember when The Last Temptation of Christ hit the theaters? Oh man, it was as if someone made a movie where Jesus butt fucks Mary and finishes in Joseph's mouth. People were sooooo pissed! But retarded people? Ehh. Who cares right?

In The Ringer, a priest kicks Knoxville's ass after he confesses what he's doing with the Special Olympics. What would it take for you religious nuts to get off your fat asses? Have the priest rape Johnny Knoxville and finish in a nun's mouth? Fuckin'-A you people are sick if that's what it takes to raise a little cane about making fun of retarded people.

I think the Farrely brothers need to take a break on the retards. It's been their bread and butter more often than not; the mentally handicapped used as comic foil to make the normal people look like the real retards....we get it already! Fuck.

Well that's cool. If the rest of you folks who, at the drop of a hat, will protest the opening of a new Subway because the sandwiches remind you of hot cock won't get off your duffs, I will.

I'm protesting the Farrely's because I want the hour and a half back I spent watching Say It Isn't So, a "comedy" the brothers produced. It was awful and it depicted incest in a bad light. Gotta stand for something I guess.



Anonymous said...

according to

they had the backing of the special olympics and apparently no one was too insulted
haven't seen it

J Reidy said... i said, i'm sure they make Knoxville look bad and the special olympians are portrayed in a good light.

just strange there wasn't ANY outcry! usually people wet themselves over something like this. oh well.