Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I guess I owe Patsy Ramsey an apology…anyone know how I can get a hold of her?

I was so sure those evil bastards the Ramsey’s had something to do with the death of their daughter Jon Benet. And I still do, but not like you think.

But with the recent admission by the fully fucking creepy dude with the skinny neck and big head that he killer her, we have to re-visit what we initially thought.

Nearly everyone here in Colorado figured the Ramsey’s had something to do with her death. The Ramsey’s were the O.J. Simpson of child murders and their attempt to find the “real killer” was met with disdain and disbelief. It was just too bizarre to be what was originally thought of as a straight forward kidnapping attempt. But that’s what it seems to be turning out to be as that fucking freak makes his way back to the states to face the music.

Most times when rich people get into a scrape, they get out of it due to their money and power. For some reason, the public didn’t like the Ramsey’s and no amount of cash was going to change that. Even with this guy claiming he killed Jon Benet “by accident,” I still hold the Ramsey’s partially responsible.

This poor little girl was dressed up like a fucking hooker. Seriously. What was she, six years old? That’s just obscene to dress a kid up like that. I don’t care who you are. The Ramsey’s are still a little to blame for this because they sexualized their child and put her out there, knowing full well the creeps and child molesters would be looking her way.

Ultimately this falls squarely on the shoulders of this scumbag who killed her. He’s the real bad guy here, but the parents should feel some heat too. And I guess they have.

I can’t imagine being accused of this. Having everyone drag your name through the mud, calling you all sorts of names and still when it’s all said and done, your kid’s still dead; it would just be too much to bear. I guess they suffered enough, but I still can’t shake the image of failed beauty queen Patsy Ramsey, dressing her child like a whore so she could live through her daughter’s success. Well, I guess she got the attention she wanted, just the wrong kind.

Pageant folk are sick fuckers. Almost (but not quite) as sick as the fucker who would obsess about a child like this. If this guy really did do this, he’s got a surprise waiting for him in jail. Well, maybe it’s not such a surprise. I’m sure he knows what happens to the likes of him in the joint. After someone kills him with a sharpened spoon, maybe he and Patsy can run the yearly pageant in Hell.



hubs said...

my brother and my girlfriend both think that he is just some loon that has some information on the case and wants the attention, but didn't commit the crime. they think the dna evidence will prove this and that is why it's taking so long to get results. i might agree with them.

Fred K. Tapeball said...

From day two I've been saying Karr's a fraud.

That aside, I think you might be a little off in your assessment of Patsy's motivations for dressing her daughter up like a whore. The women who enroll their daughters in these things aren't trying to sexualize their little girls for sexuality's sake. They merely see the refinement of beauty as one of the many tools of the Good Old Girls network. This is about the ascension through the ranks of the female power network through the traditional, non-feminist channels that have existed for ages. They see sexuality as merely one tool at their disposal to acquire a well-connected man who they can manipulate and elevate in their behind-the-curtains grab for power. To us average folk it appears to be a very different motivation than what the Patsy Ramseys of the world see. To them it's all about power. But then again, the deviant predators have a whole other take on the situation entirely...

J Reidy said...

yeah, i'll buy all of that. i think he was obsessed with her that being considered the murderer and "being with her" when she died, is very important to him.

he must not have know Patsy was on her way out or he would've moved quicker. regardless, he's a fucking creep.

and yeah, as far as Patsy's motivation, i'll buy that. having a beauty queen daughter, despite her age, was very important to her. but how fucking sad is that? i guess you want your kid to be good at something, but fuck, wait till she's a little older. i'm sure she would have made a great cheerleader.

Davey said...

Well, I still think you had it at least partially right in the first place. Patsy Ramsey was someshat doing all of this beauty queen stuff in order to live vicariously through her daughter. It's just like all of the soccer parents who curse and yell at me when I ref a game their kid is in. When I make a call against their kid a little part of that parent dies.

J Reidy said...

that's funny.

i wish the whole parent would die when you make the call against their kid.

now i can understand sticking up for your kid, but when he/she is playing a game, they have to abide by what the ref is calling. that's life. if you can't follow the rules, then don't play.

it's always the people who have no real power in their lives that have to act his way. you'd think someone like Patsy would have a little more going on, but i guess being rich and having nothing to do gnaws away at your soul and you have to reclaim some absurd sense of past glory. oh well, she's dead.

Anonymous said...

JR –

When I lived in Denver I used to love the fact that the Hooligan had a no holds bared approach to hipster trends. I miss that. In Manhattan it's all about show. Too much trendy BS and not enough criticism.

What I'm referring to is the trend of female back tattoos. I argued with my girl that they are just a sad attempt at hipsterdom, like nose piercing was in the early 90's. What's the opinion?

- Delroy

J Reidy said...

back tattoos? other than being a landing strip for some guy's cum?

yeah, they're pretty lame. there's going to be a whole generation of women who will be totally dated simply for the fact that they have a tattoo there.

it's kind of like the calf tattoo: sooooo mid 90's.

things move pretty fast nowadays and the back tattoo got played quickly. it's too bad because on one girl it's pretty cool. on 100,000 girls it's like a member's only jacket.

the puzzling thing is it's so permanent i can't believe people still do it. it's like a hyper color shirt you can never, ever take off.

so yeah, i think it's the present day equivalent to the nose ring, bellbottoms, acid wash jeans, mullets, man bobs, baggy jeans, parachute pants, glacier glasses etc. etc....the great thing about the above items, you can throw them away.

enjoy being trapped in time ladies!

Fred K. Tapeball III said...

Yeah, it is sad. Money can't buy enlightenment or perspective. Her motivation to see her daughter attain an even greater level of success is just as desperate as the mother who hopes her daughter will escape the socio-economic confines of the trailer park. Certain, base motivations transcend class, and generally aren't examined introspectively by whatever wisdom that person possesses. Many people are simple, toy soldiers. You wind them up and watch them march in a straight line, rarely deviating from their path, or questioning their movement from outside of the paradigm of their daily lives.

And yeah, I said the same things about Patsy when I saw the pictures of Jon Benet, but I can't really despise someone who probably isn't capable of knowing any better. Nevertheless, the whole freakshow does make my stomach turn.

Anonymous said...

Dude, why so negative about child beauty pageants. They're a great bonding experience between stage mom and child. The kid will have wonderful memories of their childhood in cars and hotel rooms being dressed up like a Barbie doll all summer every summer. Those pageants teach great life skills... like.... ummm....too many to name. They also look so fun for the little kids, afterall they have those painfully huge smiles on their faces.
I'm assuming it's only a matter of time before there are pageants with a swimsuit competition, lingerie competition, and maybe even a poll dancing competition. Charge $50 for all the middle aged men who are child beauty pageant aficionados and those pageants would rake up mad dough. Much more than just entry fees. Seriously I wouldn't doubt that will happen. A couple years ago I saw a show (maybe DateLine) about these parents who dress up their little girls in lingerie and skimpy bikinis and take "sexy" fashion photographs of them and create pay websites to access those photos. It's totally legal, just as a lingerie pageant for 5 year old girls would be. The parents who created those sites felt there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. They convinced themselves it was training for a future modeling career and that there were legitimate reasons for a stranger to pay them $50 to see pictures of their daughters nearly naked in fashion poses blowing kisses at the camera and trying to act seductive.

As for JonBenet. I've always thought that Patsy accidentally killed her. Maybe slapped her and JonBenet fell over and hit her head on something and died. It isn't uncommon for parents who accidentally kill their children to cover it up in horrible ways. The Ramseys deserved the suspicion cast upon them. Those bastards felt what was most important was protecting themselves and not trying to help the investigation. Of course as the parents you're the prime suspects. No shit. It's your responsibility to cooperate early on so the investigation can move forward. It was 4 months until the Ramseys talked with the police.

Anonymous said...

It has already happened. From an article in yesterdays Washinton Post

The Washington Post has an article on sexed-up six-year-olds. Here some excerpts


Saturdays, Club Libby Lu in the Tysons Corner mall is filled with little girls wanting makeovers. The staffers who do makeup and hair call the little girls "princess," each and every one.

"That's the only name we know," says one staffer with pride.

Mostly it's birthday parties at Club Libby Lu. A girl turns 6 and she wants the Tween Idol makeover for herself and her friends, complete with makeup, punky hair and a pink headset like Britney Spears might wear onstage. All the girls get to borrow party costumes. Many choose low-slung pants and sequined spandex tops cropped just under where their breasts would be, if they had any. Sometimes, the girls are so small their pants legs drag under their sneakers.

After the makeovers, the club counselors, as they're known, lead the girls in a dance, teaching them to "shimmy down" and to "shake it, shake it." Sometimes they arrange a fashion catwalk. The girls walk down the aisle of the store till they reach the front, where mothers hold cameras. Here, the girls fling one arm theatrically toward the ceiling. The song on the store stereo says: "Wet your lips/And smile to the camera."

There's a 4-year-old on the catwalk whose tube top slips so low it would be indecent if she were older. A mom dashes out into the aisle, yanks it up. And the little princess, oblivious, keeps grinning toward the crowd of smiling grown-ups.

* * *

The store is pink. There are pink ruffles around the light fixtures. The walls and stools are blue and pink. The staff wears pink. There are pink cowboy hats for sale, pink Ugg-like boots, pink phones decorated with pink feathers. There are rings with huge diamonds, like J.Lo might wear (only fake), with pink packaging that reads "Bling! Bling!"

A club counselor's voice rings out: "You're all finished, princess!"

A little girl slides off a stool, looks in a pink, heart-shaped mirror and beams. She jumps in elation and touches the silver stars adhered to her cheek.

Club Libby Lu sells fantasy in 83 locations across the country (including one in Columbia), and that fantasy is pink and fluffy and smells like "Role Model," a perfume 7-year-old Vicenza Belletti is right now spraying over and over into her hair. Libby Lu sells T-shirts and tank tops that say things like "Local Celebrity" and "My {heart} Belongs to Shopping." Mothers and daughters wander the aisles, looking at the feather boas and the clip-on hair extensions, at the sequined handbags, at the Super Smooch Lip Gloss and the Diva Du Shampoo.

Michelle Cox, accompanied by her 3-year-old daughter, Makayla, rolls her infant son's stroller. She's not here for a party. They're buying Makayla a purse, but Makayla keeps seeing more things she wants.

"You don't need any more lip gloss," her mom tells her.

The 3-year-old tugs a pink-rhinestoned tiara off a shelf.

"We already have a tiara at home, remember?" Michelle says. "From when you did the beauty pageant?"

"It doesn't have the glitter," says the little girl.


Six years ago, there was only one Club Libby Lu. This year alone, the company plans to open six more. This particular location in Tysons, according to a store manager named Karen Johnson, is "booked up every Saturday and Sunday, mostly, until June."

The company Web site has a "starlet contest" and a Wheel of Fame & Fortune that answers questions like, "Will i be famous?" It has a wish list that girls can fill out with several categories: "want," "need," "have to have."

J Reidy said...

gross. i really couldn't read all of it. sick fucks. i'm all for making money, but not at the expense of a child's welfare.

i feel dirty knowing that exists.

as far as Patsy being the killer, i know that theory has been out there before and it's totally possible. what's even stranger is the fact that this freak Karr suddenly came out of the woodwork after Patsy died...did they set up some sort of deal? maybe if he admitted to killing her (thus absolving the Ramseys) they would send him a pair of her panties as a reward...totally possible.