Monday, August 28, 2006

Karr Fraud

Yep, you guys called it, John Karr is a fraud. He won't be charged with Jon Benet's murder because the DNA didn't support him being there.

That poses two questions: 1) who did kill this girl and 2) why in the holy fuck would anyone admit to this crime knowing full well it wasn't going to pan out?

What's wrong with this guy? Well, obviously a lot because he was obsessed with Jon Benet, but why admit to the crime? Did he think he'd get a guided tour of the house and get to masturbate onto her pageant clothes?

Patsy is dead, so he wouldn't get to meet her...I just don't see the motivation here.

Oh, and one more thing, who the fuck has to pay for flying this creep from Thailand to Colorado? Somebody did, and it's probably me. If I find an extra .25 on my Excel Energy Bill for "transporting John Karr" (who ate prawns and drank fine French wine on the way over), I'm going not kill somebody and admit it as well.


DK said...

I know the answer for #2...

If you want to go to Nashville, man and you ain't got no fare
Cut your good girl's throat, the judge will send you there

Good way to save $3000 on a plane ride home from Thailand.

J Reidy said...

yeah....but...that's a hell of a way to make it home to your family for the labor day weekend.

i mean, i want to go to Spain, but i'm not going to admit i'm a child murderer who jacked off onto the corpse just for the plane ticket.

i would sincerely hope that if i was stuck somewhere, someone, anyone, would loan me the money to get home before i had to admit to my love of anal fisting videos.

he was either paid to do it (because they knew he had a thing for the girl), or he's nuttier than shit at free peanut friday out at the ballpark.


p said...

Saw that he was sentenced to a couple years of probabtion for that kiddie porn offense in California. I guess that's the last we'll hear of him. My suspicion is that he was simply a tool of the Bush Admin to streak buck naked across our media while more important shit went on behind the scenes. Why do you think a "homeland security" officer was involved. But that's just me, Mr. Paranoid.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking low life...he's obviously admitted to being a paedo so why the hell not castrate him with a rusty breadknife anyway?
Or shoot him in the balls and then ask him if he wants to confess to sinking the Titanic , or maybe shooting JR Ewing.
What a fucking twat! Best just to kill the wanker -at least he won't be able to access any more kids.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to have to pay for all the costs he's incurred? Because the bill will be in six figures for sure. Beady-eyed fucking aberration of humanity - thats waht he is. Id love to have a few hours 'bonding time' with him. I'm not sure he would though

Anonymous said...

His mother tried to burn him alive when he was a kid cos she thought he ws possessed by daemons- take a long look at his mugshot - he is well freaky....I think his mom was right, pity she didnt manage to nip him in the bud...