Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mail bag!

Oh boy, got a lot of comments recently...someone must have linked the site because the freaks and assholes came out in droves to buy into what I'm selling. There's a bunch of new ones (so look thru the posts) and I've selected two choice cuts below. One from an irate christian who thinks Jesus invented music and another from an anonymous fan boy. Oh and don't miss the comment from the dick who said I'm down with Sadam Hussein because I think Dick Cheney sucks. He sent links to photos of Hussein's atrocities. Fuck you man. Funny, I don't remember endorsing Hussein or his atrocities, but hey, that's what you get from internet cowards. Read the posts if you're interested in some real assholism. Enjoy

Greg Neumeyer said...
"If someone said “Happy Hanukkah” or “Happy Kwanzaa,” I wouldn’t bat an eye. I’d say “thanks, you too,” and keep on keepin’ on."

So why do you expect a Christian to neuter his holidays to please your sensibilities? No Christian I know wants to keep a Jew from wishing anyone "Happy Hanukkah", but you want to forcibly keep anyone from recognizing theirs.

Are you so weak you can't bear to be reminded that it is Christians that created this time of the year you like so much? Or maybe you are reminded of the fact that the Church created not just this holiday you enjoy, but the 6, then 5 day work week? Or the abolition of slavery...or the creation of music...or universities...or discovered biology? Or invented the way of counting hours that you use?

and I said:

first of all dickhead, the point of the piece is that no one should be forced to recognize any religious bullshit.

you make is seem like i said "happy kwaanzaa" is ok but "merry christmas" is not. that's not what i said you fuck.

you get all uptight when someone challenges your christian beliefs and you start making things up.

go ahead, say "merry christmas" just don't come down on someone because they don't say it. i love christmas! it's great. and i don't even believe in your fantasy character jesus.

"but you want to forcibly keep anyone from recognizing theirs" is your quote. that's just a goddamned lie. show me where i said that and i'll go to church with you. christians love to put words in people's mouths. i want people to recognize and honor their holiday and religion, i just don't want them to suck so bad while doing it.

and as far as the rest of your comments about christianity inventing everything: christmas started out as a pagan holiday. the christians took it over and assigned christ's birthday to it. i'm sure he's stoked about that.

christians invented music? that's just fucking hilarious. please, please, please get your head out of your butthole and think about what you're saying. i wholeheartedly endorse your need for religion. just like how any other mentally ill person needs their medication. but just take a look around once in awhile and notice how full of shit you are. i do it, so why can't you?


Anonymous Pussy said...
Lame. I liked the Spoon offering till I heard you like it.

Sometimes having the sorryist champion is enough to turn you off...kind of like when Jimmy Carter started talking up Howard Dean.

And I said:
the fact that you'd care so much about what i think makes me all warm inside.

why on earth would you be reading what i wrote if you were such a non-fan? it's because people like you claim to not like something or someone, yet always come back to see what they're up to. you can't stay away!

total fucking hypocrite. when i don't like something, i don't bother with it. that's what it means to not like something. you don't have anything more to do with it.

but you have to keep feeding your ego don't you? sending anonymous comments to your us all a favor, either admit your love (i'm cool with that) or just go the fuck away.



Anonymous said...

You said:
"total fucking hypocrite. when i don't like something, i don't bother with it. that's what it means to not like something. you don't have anything more to do with it."

I say:
Total fucking hypocrite (you). Above these comments on your blog you spend 192 paragraphs writing about something you don't like - the movie Crash. You also write about (quite consistently I might add) your problems with Christianity and other religions. In fact, your blog and The Hooligan, come to think of it, is, and always has been, one big fucking complaint about the shit you don't like! If you don't like something, Johnny my friend, then do as you say and just SHUT THE FUCK UP!

J Reidy said...'re not my friend, anonymous pussy.

here's what you're missing: i DO something about the things i don't like. crash sucked, so 1) i turned it off. 2)i'm letting the world know that it sucked and not to waste their time with it. i'm providing a service.

and here's the difference between me and you and all the other people who read stuff like this and feel compelled to write in (why, i'll never understand): i'm writing about things (i.e. doing something constructive/destructive)and you're writing in to complain about the complaining....doesn't that seem lame, even to someone like you?


Anonymous said...

I hate everything

Anonymous said...

I even hate the fact that I'm writing this... God please someone help me....