Monday, January 23, 2006

Salmon Rushdie: Deliciously Funny

If you scroll down through the posts, you’ll see the piece I wrote about the TV show The Book of Daniel. A comment was posted by someone calling himself “Salmon Rushdie.” A nickname that I thought was a clever take on controversial author “Salman Rushdie.” Since it was a piece on religion, I thought the person who commented on the story, who was declaring Fatwa on me, was just fueling the religious fire with a play on the Satanic Verses author’s name. Not so.

I’m out at Lounge the other night (which is closing at the end of this month) for one last hurrah and my good friend Matt comes up to me. He says, “I misspelled Salman Rushdie’s name…..” I looked at him and said, “Are you Salmon Rushie?” He nodded and I busted up laughing. In his haste to post a comment and give himself a clever nickname, he unintentionally gave himself a fucking hilarious one. He didn’t realize his mistake until he read my comment back about eating him with a side of rice.

I chided him for a few more minutes and told anyone who would listen about Matt’s delicious mistake. Then he berated me for only posting to my site once in awhile and told me I was pathetic for not writing more. So I thought I’d kick off more frequent writing (don’t hold me to it) with the awesome legend of “Salmon” Rushdie. Here’s to you Salmon and your savory flesh.


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