Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Worst People in America

Simply put, this is the most honest and accurate depiction of the psychotic, deluded and self-righteous assholes who are running the US right now. Enjoy.


Bob said...

Those folks know how to dish out some flaming balls of ire. In the 2002 list, Ann Coulter is called "Goebbels with tits." That's a diss. Dennis Miller only dreams of shit like that.

J Reidy said...

yeah this time they said, "...she is a revolting skeleton with a boob job and a grotesquely oversized head, who feeds only on the hatred of her target audience, liberals. Sole redeeming quality is that she is impossible to take seriously--she's really more of a shock comic than a political commentator, whether she knows it or not."

which is just one of the greatest things ever written.


Anonymous said...

JR- Missing from this list is that Grover Norquist--the one who made the quote about "drowning government in the bathtub" he is the one writing tax policy for the bush administration. Why don't you write anything about him?

J Reidy said...

cuz i didn't write the article. that is a link to another site.


JR Fan said...

What's to stop you from doing one? After all it's one of the reasons I('ve read you for so long.

A fan -

Delroy in NYC

Fred K. Tapeball said...

Collectively, they should have had the Democratic Party in the list for not having a platform of anything from which to challenge the Republican Party which has not only steamrolled them, but repeatedly twists their arms and makes them scream uncle. Any time John Kerry and Ted-fucking-Kennedy are your torch bearers of opposition, you know you're in deep shit. They need to start defining themselves in terms of that which they are for, and not those things they are against. In other words: GET A FUCKING PLAN! Otherwise, we will be a two-party system in name alone. (We may already be there. It's that bad.)

J Reidy said...

thanks Delroy. i was getting the feeling that only neo-con nerds were typing comments in their fascist version of a letter writing campaign to save a bad sci fi show. jesus they suck....and that can be said in two ways like "jesus they suck" and "hey Jesus, they suck!"

anyway, yeah i could do a list like that, but honestly that one was so well written, i couldn't really compete. i have my moments, but those guys crushed it. we'll see. i'm sure i'll get fed up enough to write something similar (no shame in ripping that gem off)...can Kevin Federline be on the list?

oh and Mr. Tapeball, you're right. the Lame-o-Crats are just the most spineless pussies on the planet. they've let these religiously mentally ill freaks take over and have done nothing but open the door and give them the keys. i think they could have their own list. they suck worse than the republicans because at least the republicans know what they want and have done everything in their power (lie, cheat, kill) to get it.

yeah, the democrats deserve to burn because they have not a single ball between them to stand up to these bastards. and in a small way, i say you get what you deserve....that's why i don't vote for those fuckers either.

thanks gang,

jr fan said...

You know you're making a difference when you get this kind of reaction brutha. "Keep on, keepin on".

D in NYC

J Reidy said...

right on my man. thanks for helping me keep the, not faith in a jesus-y way...