Thursday, February 16, 2006

Getting High On Fire

Speaking of High on Fire, the mighty metal band is playing tonight (friday feb 17th) at Cervantes in Denver.

I will be there, wearing earplugs because I've already had enough problems with my ears. Stop by and say hey....unless you hate me...then you probaby wouldn't be there anyway...but if you are there, well maybe you are a Satan worshipping metal fan after all. bless you.



Anonymous said...

hey, i am throwing together a zine fest (free to attend, free to vend) on march 11th with other local zinesters. I was wondering if you want a booth? got swag? etc.

infos at



J Reidy said...

hey Stevyn,

nice to hear from you. i don't really have any more Hooligan stuff, so it might not be worth your while to have me there...can't really hype this thing can I?

but i'll check out the site and see what i can do.

thanks for thinking of me tho.