Friday, February 24, 2006

What's On Your Ipod?

I was thinking about my ipod the other day and wondered what bands I had the most of on it. I currently have 7,548 songs on my 40 gig and am adding more every day.

Here's the list of the most prominent players in my pod:

6 albums of the combined acts of the Smiths/Morrisey.

6 albums of the combined acts of Pavement/Malkmus.

6 albums from the immortal Willie Nelson (this includes a "best of").

7 Fugazi albums.

7 Neil Young albums.

7 Slayer albums.

And now, the real players on my ipod:

The Figgs clock in at 9 albums (some of these are eps).

The Cure is represented by 10 albums.

Tom Waits of course has 10 albums gloriously taking space on my ipod.

Black Sabbath has 10 albums in the ol' library. I love Sabbath. I even have a Dio Sabbath on there.

And the winner of the most albums featured on my ipod?

None other than the mother fuckin' Rolling Stones who registered a whopping 11 albums on my ipod. God Bless those wrinkly bastards.

Honorable mentions: Built to Spill, Miles Davis, U2 (yeah, I know, but I still have a soft spot for their old stuff), Johnny Cash and of course King Tubby; who probably has more albums on there than anyone, but his name is on everything, so I can't actually list him. I've got a TON of Tubby on there, but who knows what he did and what his name was just placed on. He could have beat the more ways than one.

Please let me know what the rest of y'all have the most of on your ipods.



King Crimson said...

Absolutely brilliant JR

J Reidy said..., where's your list?


Anonymous said...

just checked today:
mostly zeppelin (super duper box set)
police (box set)
U2..yeah i know..only the old stuff really
dj shadow
mahavishnu orchestra
aphex twin
other assorted downtempo and metal stuff

i guess you already know about Lamb of God.. if not pick up Ashes of the Wake

Anonymous said...

oh sh!t and could i forget..

Anonymous said...

J Reidy said...

i'm not sure why you're posting an oddtodd link but it's alright. it got boring real quick.

get back to the ipods people....if you don't have an ipod, well, you suck. naw just kidding, you don't suck but if you looooove music, you're kind of missing out because it's just an amazing way to listen to music. i've re-discovered so much stuff that was just sitting on the shelf. and when i put it into the was like listening to it for the first time again.

i work a lot at night by myself and i just put it on shuffle and go for it....if you don't have an ipod, you'll never know the pleasure of struggling to get a job done at 3 in the morning and Judas Priest's "living after midnight" coming on...just epic.


Anonymous said...

i have a lot of Mos Def (both albums, even though New Danger sucked, plus Blackstar and all the one-offs and guest appearances he's done). What else... All 3 Hot Snakes albums, most of the Isis stuff, lots of Sabbath and Maiden, lots of Bjork.
I agree with your comment about the 'pod being a great way to re-discover your music collection.